Asking will cost you nothing

If you have a question that is not covered in the section below, do not hesitate to call us.

  • You need a valid, personal identification document, e.g. your identity card.
  • You need a suitable and valid driving licence (driving licence) to drive the rented vehicle.
  • You need cash or an EC card or a credit card for the payment processing (advance payment of the rental price and deposit).
  • For corporate customers we need a written order (e-mail, online reservation).
Important: The mentioned documents / means of payment are required when renting.

  • For certain rental properties and/or destinations (domestic/international) we charge a deposit.
  • This is due immediately upon collection of the rental property and will be refunded upon return (cash/refund to your bank account).
  • In the event that the rented property shows damage that has not occurred during normal wear and tear/vehicle use, the deposit cannot be refunded in full or at all.
Please note our general terms and conditions.
  • Yes, we offer you lashing straps for the entire rental period at a charge within the framework of a rental:
    • One set = 3 tension belts for 5,00 Euro incl. VAT plus 50,- EUR deposit
  • Also you have the possibility to purchase them from us.
  • Yes, against a deposit of 20,00 EUR you will get the necessary connectors for each rental.
  • Any rental costs will not be charged. Please note that if the adapter is lost, we will charge you the cost of a new adapter.
  • A (digital) driver card is a memory chip for recording driving and work data for the control of driving personnel (digital activity record).
  • Since 1 May 2006 there has been an obligation to carry digital certificates of activity.
  • This means that all new vehicles, which must have an activity recording device, are now equipped with a digital tachograph.
Further information can be found at: Wikipedia - The free encyclopedia
  • A QR-Code® is a code that contains information such as telephone numbers and Internet addresses.
  • It can be read using a smartphone and the corresponding software (so-called QR Code Reader/Scanner App).
  • The information read out, e.g. a phone number, can be used more quickly - without tedious typing.
  • We use a QR code as a business card on our websites.
  • You do not incur any costs when using our QR code.
  • Our QR code contains the following information about us:
    • Company name
    • Company address
    • Call numbers
    • Internet address
    • Business hours
Important: You will not be automatically redirected to our website if you use our QR-Code.
  • All dimensions refer to the internal dimensions of a rental property.
  • The outer dimensions can be taken from the vehicle registration document.
  • The weight specifications always refer to the permissible total weight (zGG) as well as the available payload (NL).
  • The net weight can be calculated as follows from these data:
    • own weight = zGG - NL.
  • The following technical requirements for the train combination must be met by you so that you can drive a trailer (e.g. A2) with a speed limit of 100 km/h:
    • Your towing vehicle must be equipped with ABS (ABV),
    • it may be permitted up to a maximum total mass of 3,500 kg (permissible total weight).
    • The ratio of the permissible total weight of the trailer to the unladen weight of the towing vehicle is prescribed:
    • Example:
      • empty mass of the towing vehicle => 1,500 kg x factor 1.1 = permissible total mass of the trailer of 1,650 kg (but maximum permissible towing capacity of the towing vehicle
    • If the above requirements are not met, the general maximum speed for trailers is 80 km/h.
  • Technical requirements already fulfilled by us:
    • The trailer is approved for 100 km/h.
    • The trailer is braked (without hydraulic shock absorbers).
    • The tyres of the trailer are permitted for a maximum speed of 120 km/h (speed index: L) and have no surcharge to the load index.
    • The tyres of the trailer are not older than 6 years.
    • The trailer has an official 100km/h sticker.